Soul Plan / Walk-ins

Spiritual Image of Meditation Pose for Susan Haller Vibrational Medicine

Soul Plan

Our souls have created a plan for our life. Our souls want challenges for growth. Challenges may come in the form of physical diseases, abuse, poverty, etc. Our understanding that we have chosen these challenges gives us clarity for options to heal and discover our higher purpose. Susan will guide you to understand your soul plan and turn your challenges into ways to transform your experience with joy and even bliss.


For many reasons, some souls are unable to complete their soul plan in their current lifetime. Negotiation can occur with another more advanced soul to come into the body and complete the soul plan for the original occupant. The original soul may choose to leave the body when a replacement soul comes in. The possibility that the original soul remains to observe may be negotiated. There are many scenarios for walk-ins. After the walk-in soul has completed the soul plan of the original soul, the walk-in soul may begin her soul plan.

Image of a woman walking to represent Walk-Ins for Susan Haller Vibrational Medicine