My Services

Vibrational Medicine

Susan actively harnesses the healing frequencies that create a harmonious balance within the body. Discover how sound, light, and energy intertwine to create a harmonious melody that promotes balance and vitality. Uncover the resonance of well-being in every vibration. Read more . . .

The Emotion Code

Often, the key to wellness can lie in unlocking emotional freedom. This approach recognizes that our bodies store unprocessed emotions, affecting our physical and mental well-being. Join us on a journey to release these trapped emotions, clearing the path for healing and harmony. Explore the connection between your emotions and overall vitality as we delve deeper into The Emotion Code’s  principles. Read more . . .

Energy Testing

This approach allows you to tap into the body’s wisdom, using muscle responses to uncover imbalances and blockages. Susan taps into the synergy between mind and body as she performs the art of Energy Testing to assess and balance the body’s energy flow for the purpose of promoting overall health and harmony. Read more . . .

Space Energy Cleansing

Your space is more than physical walls; it’s an energetic sanctuary waiting to be cleared and renewed. Step into a world where space energy clearing becomes a catalyst for renewal. Learn how Susan can clear away energetic residue and enhance positive energy; leaving your home, office, or property revitalized. Read more . . .

Nurturing and Caring Energy

Susan is a gifted loving healer who I have had the joy of sharing within her spirited offerings many times. Her gentle and heartful approach surrounds me in a nurturing and caring energy that transcends all sense of imbalance and discomfort. Susan comes from a deep sense of integrity as she shares her wisdom and insights while holding the sacred presence for me to access my own Divine guidance and power as I journey. I am grateful for our merging of healing paths and highly recommend her healing practice to you for your own enrichment.

Mona T.

Pain Completely Left My Body

I had never heard of The Emotion Code before Susan discussed it with me. I was in severe pain and she scheduled a session to help me out. I couldn’t raise my arm, I was having muscle spasms in my back – was just having a problem with all over pain. After just one session with Susan the pain completely left my body – it was amazing ! I’m so glad that she worked with me and would highly recommend this emotion code therapy to everyone.

Greta S.