Thank you again Susan! Yesterday was amazing in all the ways. You are such a gift. Thank you for creating such a safe, healing space and following your heart’s guidance. I’m feeling such peace today.  I am over flowing with gratitude.


Diagnosed with Tongue Cancer for the Third Time.

We found Susan when my husband was diagnosed with tongue cancer for the third time.  I’m a nurse practitioner with 40+ years experience in the medical field. I didn’t want to rely only on Western medicine for his treatment.  We belong to an organization called Connecting Consciousness, and through this organization we found Susan.  We contacted her via email and she responded immediately. We set up an appointment for my husband within two weeks. Neither my husband nor I had any preconceived notion as to what to expect from a vibrational healer. 

Not only is Susan extremely skilled, professional, and courteous, but she is also one of the kindest and most compassionate people we’ve ever met. She invited us into her home and put us at ease. She discussed any concerns we had, and asked questions about my husband’s diagnosis and our lives in general.  She took my husband to the treatment area while I remained in the adjoining room. The treatment lasted approximately one hour after which my husband emerged and stated “It was an awesome experience and I feel so enlightened.  She’s truly a healer!  The sound vibrations and tuning fork vibrations put your body in a state of deep relaxation.”

My husband continued to attend sessions approximately every two weeks.  I accompanied him to those sessions as we live two hours away from Susan.   After seeing my husband‘s response to his sessions, I decided to book a session for myself. The only word I can say is awesome. Susan is an extremely gifted and talented healer, who is just as sweet and caring as she is talented. Thankfully, Susan is willing to share her gifts with those of us who are not so gifted.  And her dog Gracie is also beautiful and sweet. Susan is able to focus the sessions on different complaints or maladies that you may be having.  You WILL feel better after a session with Susan. We both definitely highly recommend her services and are thankful every day for her. 

Deb and Larry K

Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS)

I had been struggling with the diagnosis of DCIS for about a year, and I dreaded the conventional path being offered of endless tests, surgeries, and potentially harsher treatments like radiation and hormone therapy. I heard about Susan, a vibrational healer known for her unique approach to wellness, incorporating modalities like the Emotion Code and intuitive energy work.

I do not live near Susan, and I honestly wasn’t sure an online session would be as effective as an in-person one.  However, upon speaking with Susan I could feel her profound understanding of energy and its effects on the body, and her kindness and compassion reassured me. This was confirmed during our first session when I realized that energetic and vibrational healing works regardless of distance! I confided in Susan about a sharp pain in my left breast and my reluctance to undergo more mammagrams. In that session, she was able to sense a sharp, calcified object and worked to remove it energetically. To my amazement, the pain vanished, leaving me with a sense of relief and gratitude.

It’s been a few months now of bi-weekly Zoom sessions and I’ve continually learned more about self-healing.  For me, the biggest shift is in my overall stress levels – I feel more serene and resilient than ever before. Instead of fretting over discomfort or pain, I trust in the process, knowing that I’m in capable hands.

Susan’s gift of energetic healing has truly been a blessing, offering me a path to holistic wellness that, in my mind, is healthier for my body than conventional approaches. I’m immensely grateful for her presence in my life and the transformative impact she’s had on my well-being.  Thank you Susan!

Karen B

Susan Haller Sound Healer

At the beginning of my first session with Susan I found myself calmed by her listening presence. I felt I could say anything I needed to say, there was plenty of time and acceptance. This was important to me in my healing process.

When we did the sound healing part I was quiet the first time or two, then started making noises, humming, whistling and other sounds as she created the sounds of healing. She valued that and said it further supported my healing to participate as moved. This opened my chest for easier breathing during sessions, to know it worked for her too.

After the sound healing part, when she shares her intuitive impressions, they have been accurate and helpful every time, and easy to understand the way she expresses her insights. Her insights articulate for me what I am often feeling but can’t quite get words to express. This has helped me to see more clearly toward choices I can make that support my healing, and without pressure to do anything I’m not ready for yet.

There’s times when we have laughs and jokes, very positive, and sometimes she shares stories from her healing path too, so there is a lot of equality in our journeys as we go through varied experiences at varied times. Thank You Susan!


Relief From Chronic Pain

Having sound healing with tuning forks in the past, I was very comfortable scheduling an appointment. My experience with Susan was balancing and healing on many different levels, and much more than my expectations!  When she used the tuning forks I am pleased to say I felt immediate and long term relief from chronic pain in my lower extremities. That was excellent by itself! Her intuitive feedback was spot on for a chronic disorder I experience daily.  I appreciated her professionalism and her knowledge base as she explained the use and what I  may experience to me. I left my  time with Susan feeling clear, energized, and calm with my mind, body, and spirit! I look forward to my next visit in the near future.

Krista H.

I Am Walking Normal

I wanted to let you know how well my right knee is doing.  I shake my head in amazement.  I am walking normal – no limping.  I can go up and down the driveway – no pain.  I can get down on my knees to turn the tv off to reboot it – no pain.  I was careful and thoughtful to honor the aftercare suggestions Friday after our session – extra rest, water, ate healthy (though I did want to eat some sweets but did not!).  I let the aftercare suggestions slip some on Saturday but did not push myself unnecessarily – still no pain.  Went to church on Sunday – got in and out of the car 8 times – no pain. Ironically, it has been my left knee that has pain!  It is hard to fully comprehend how my emotions were affecting my knee.  The swelling in my right knee has even gone down.  It is overwhelming, I am grateful and humbled.

Terry K.

The Gift Of Clarity

How many times do we feel uncertain about what our best choice would be?  We go back and forth and begin to feel overwhelmed. Susan has the gift of clarity that she shares with you through muscle testing.   With Pure Presence and without any judgements, preferences or attachments to the information she receives, Susan has used applied kinesiology for me to get clear on choosing my next best step…. and sometimes there is nothing to do and the guidance is simply to Wait, Allow and Be.  How grateful I am that I can call her and say help!  And we don’t have to be together for her to discern Truth for me.  Her sessions can be in person or remote. She is objective, kind and my ‘go to’ source for guidance when I have overwhelmed and confused myself.


Transformative Experience

Susan connects you with your higher self through her use of tuning forks, sound, and crystals. This is such a relaxing and transformative experience in a beautiful setting (you feel at ease right away! Susan holds such a beautiful, sacred space.) A great way to lay back, leave your worries at the door and just enjoy time for you! I highly recommend, plus the twinge in my knee was gone!

Jennifer S.

Deeply Relaxing & Balancing

A session with Susan is deeply relaxing and balancing. She has a gentle welcoming presence that put me at ease immediately. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from vibrational medicine, but wow! The tuning forks and crystals seemed to work in concert to gently release tension in my hips and legs, and Susan’s insightful observations helped me to gain a deeper perspective on some issues I was dealing with. I have been to het several times and always come away feeling lighter, and somehow more clear and energized.

Margie H.

Relaxed & Rejuvenated

Susan is a gifted loving healer who I have had the joy of sharing within her spirited offerings many times. Her gentle and heartful approach surrounds me in a nurturing and caring energy that transcends all sense of imbalance and discomfort. Susan comes from a deep sense of integrity as she shares her wisdom and insights while holding the sacred presence for me to access my own Divine guidance and power as I journey. I am grateful for our merging of healing paths and highly recommend her healing practice to you for your own enrichment.

Mona T.

New Freedom

I have had two sessions with Susan and am amazed with the clarification of events that have occurred during my life which have created a trapped emotion…….a trapped emotion which has prevented me from experiencing physical and emotional openness that I so desire. Each session has resulted in a new freedom from muscle tightness and a new focus on clarity in my life.  I highly recommend Susan for helping to create a new life adventure with this energy healing.

Gretta S.

Genuine and Trusted Healer

Susan is the genuine healer. I have been struggling with metastatic cancer for over a year and with Susan’s energetic touch, symptoms have improved, alternative therapies have suddenly appeared, and now I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. My cancer is on the run! She’s warm, loving and someone you can trust to care for you.


It Was Very Relaxing

I have had two sessions with Susan and am amazed with the clarification of events that have occurred during my life which have created a trapped emotion…….a trapped emotion which has prevented me from experiencing physical and emotional openness that I so desire. Each session has resulted in a new freedom from muscle tightness and a new focus on clarity in my life.  I highly recommend Susan for helping to create a new life adventure with this energy healing.

Judy B.