The Power of Sound Healing

Photo of Susan HallerBegin your wellness journey alongside Susan Haller, a truly remarkable healer who skillfully blends the amazing vibration of Tuning Forks, resonant Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, Vibroacoustic (sound) table and a Biomat. Additionally, Susan offers Emotion Code Therapy, providing a distinct modality for those seeking emotional release and balance. Through her unique approach, you will not only experience deep relaxation but also emerge feeling genuinely rejuvenated. By exploring Susan’s offerings and delving into the extraordinary benefits of sound healing — you can discover a path to profound well-being and inner harmony. Let the resonance of these powerful modalities guide you towards a revitalized and balanced life. As a walk-in soul, Susan has a unique perspective to the challenges and events of our lives.

Photo of Susan's workspace.
Photo of Susan's work area.

My Services

Vibrational Medicine

Welcome to a transformative journey where we unlock the power of vibrational healing. My passion lies in guiding individuals through a process of releasing destructive patterns and stagnant energies, elevating their vibration to new heights. Read more . . .

The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is the simplest way to help get rid of your emotional baggage, helping you feel freer, happier and healthier! Read more . . .

Energy Testing

This is muscle/energy testing for truth. The body stays strong for truth and goes weak for false/negative. I learned this method for determining truth in 2004 working with Dr. David Hawkins. Read more . . .

Space Energy Cleansing

Please contact me for more information about clearing and raising the vibrations of your house, office or your property. Read more . . .

Photo of 5 starsPowerful Resource

Susan is highly intuitive and compassionate. I always feel energetically elevated after an emotion code session with her. The sessions have helped me to release the stickiest of childhood & past life traumas. Susan is truly a powerful resource to have in your healing & personal growth tool kit.

-Cathy C

Interviewing Susan

Photo of Susan with background removed for websiteWith over 20 years of experience, Susan is a sought-after speaker in this transformative realm. Her wealth of knowledge and captivating insights make her a dynamic presenter, sharing wisdom on holistic healing, sound therapy, and vibrational well-being. Engage with Sue’s expertise as she imparts valuable insights and guides audiences toward a deeper understanding of the profound effects of sound, energy, and holistic practice. Because she is a walk-in soul, Susan can bring a distinctive viewpoint to the challenges and occurrences in our lives.

Image introducing the Sacred Wisdom Podcast

Tuning Forks

Susan delves into the mystical world of Tuning Forks in this captivating session of ‘Sacred Wisdom,’ offering a unique perspective on their profound impact. Click here to witness this fabulous exploration into the transformative power of sound, healing, and ancient vibrations.

Photo of graphic made for New-Trition Prescription Podcast.

Vibrational Medicine

The field of vibrational medicine, rooted in ancient traditions, is  experiencing a resurgence as an increasing number of individuals explore alternative ways to heal and achieving balance in their  body, mind, and spirit. Explore this insightful interview by Angela Atkins of Your Health Unbound.  Click here to hear the interview.

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Healing Through Frequencies

MysticMag interviewed  Susan for clarity of vibrational medicine. Click here to join us on a journey of discovery as Susan explains her techniques for offering frequencies that help the body heal and to align the nervous system.