Vibrational Medicine

Unlock the Power

Welcome to a transformative journey where we unlock the power of vibrational healing. My passion lies in guiding individuals through a process of releasing destructive patterns and stagnant energies, elevating their vibration to new heights.

Drawing upon my clair gifts, I blend intuitive insights with the profound effects of sound and vibration. Utilizing modalities such as Reiki, tuning forks, crystals, and other frequency-enhancing tools, I facilitate healing at the cellular level. This holistic approach extends to balancing the nervous system, recharging the electrical system, refreshing DNA, and clearing blockages and entities that hinder your well-being.

My mission is not only to aid personal healing but also to empower you with the knowledge of how sound can be precisely targeted to bring about profound transformations—both within ourselves and on a broader scale, contributing to the well-being of our planet.

Join me on this journey towards rejuvenation, empowerment, and vibrational harmony. Together, let’s unlock the potential for healing at every level of your being.

Susan with sound bowls for website.

Sample of a Remote Vibrational Healing Session

Discover a path to tranquility

An in-person session is on a Vibroacoustic (sound) table and a Biomat.

Discover a path to tranquility and balance through the soothing embrace of vibrational medicine with tuning forks. If you find yourself stressed, out of balance, or simply feeling ‘off,’ treat yourself to a rejuvenating session that promises relaxation, calmness, and harmonious well-being.

In each session,  I use a careful selection of tuning forks, working in harmony to bring a sense of equilibrium to your body and mind. Among these, the revered Fibonacci tuning forks, often referred to as the masters, take center stage. These remarkable tools not only induce deep relaxation but also play a key role in stabilizing the nervous system, leaving you with a profound sense of peace.

Choose to invest in your well-being and embark on a journey towards inner harmony. Elevate your spirit, release tension, and embrace the serenity that vibrational medicine with tuning forks has to offer.

High Frequency Energy Aids in Healing

‘The Biomat’

Balance & Homeostasis

Undergo energy work while lying on a sound table, allowing the specific frequencies of the sounds to envelop your body in high vibrations. The uniqueness of this practice lies in the simultaneous engagement of both hearing and feeling, amplifying its impact. Each cell in your body receives and absorbs these high frequencies directly, bypassing the usual filters of the mind.

This extraordinary encounter creates a distinctly unique pathway for your body to return to balance and homeostasis.


The biomat may help:

  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Relax the muscles
  • Support the immune system
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase circulati

Lemurian Timeline Activation

Lemurian Crystals

In the echoes of time, Lemuria stands as a legendary civilization, surpassing even Atlantis in spiritual development and tranquility. According to lore, as the Lemurians sensed the conclusion of their earthly existence, they encoded profound messages of oneness and healing into crystals. These crystals were programmed to share the cellular and genetic memories of innocence and instant presence, uncovering profound wisdom, spiritual understanding, and transformative insights. Now is the time to activate these sacred codes within, unlocking cellular and genetic memories for personal transformation and higher consciousness. Join in this collective awakening, where the energies of Lemuria guide us toward personal transformation, spiritual healing, and a higher state of consciousness. The legend lives on, and as we attune to these energies, we unlock the timeless wisdom that the Lemurians left encoded for us, ready to be received when the Earth’s energy is in harmony with their teachings. Embrace the opportunity to reconnect with the ancient, tap into the profound, and illuminate the path toward oneness.

Utilizing Lemurian tuning forks and Lemurian seed crystals, your Lemurian timeline can be activated, enabling you to draw from your eleventh-dimensional wisdom and live in unconditional love. This activation serves as a bridge across all dimensions.