My Story

I feel incredibly fortunate and honored to be on this journey!

There was a time when I didn’t experience this sense of well-being.  I suffered for many years with unbearable physical and emotional pain, battling melanoma twice. The turning point came when I hit rock bottom upon discovering that the western medicine treatment for my back pain had to end or my kidneys could be irreparably damaged. It was a wake-up call, realizing that I inundated my body and life daily with commonplace, yet toxic products.

This realization prompted me to delve into alternative healing methods, with the introduction of essential oils being a pivotal moment. The shift to using essential oils brought about tangible physical relief, and I’m grateful for the remarkable difference in my body when replacing toxic products with natural alternatives.

As I continued my journey of healing I began to open spiritually as well when I studied a Course in Miracles. The expansion of my mind and consciousness through this course led me to receive Reiki Master certification in 2003 and eventually Kundalini Reiki certification in 2021. The years 2004 and 2005 saw me under the guidance of Dr. David Hawkins, mastering energy testing, a skill I still employ in several of the services I offer.

At the age of 17, my soul entered this body, a phenomenon often referred to as a walk-in soul. An agreement was made between the soul originally occupying this body and myself to facilitate this transition. Part of the agreement entailed completing the soul plan of the original occupant before embarking on my own soul’s journey. It wasn’t until 2017 that I fully recognized and understood that I was a walk-in. As the completion of the birth soul’s soul plan drew near, I began to receive insights and clarifications regarding this unique arrangement. Over the past year, a wealth of detailed information has surfaced, leading to significant changes in my life. This newfound knowledge and understanding have equipped me with distinct abilities to offer guidance on navigating and embracing life’s experiences.

Having a love of learning and a yearning for more knowledge to assist myself and others, I pursued Emotion Code Practitioner certification in 2017. Witnessing widespread emotional and physical suffering in the world, I felt compelled to equip myself with tools to alleviate such struggles for both humans and animals. It feels amazing to be able to provide relief to those in need. 

My spiritual gifts took a significant leap in 2018 while assisting a friend with stage 4 cancer. During this period, my clair abilities fully blossomed, guided by my friend’s spiritual allies, my own guides, and angels. I was shown exactly what to do to assist my friend’s healing process. I also learned about the powerful effects of sound and vibration through the use of tuning forks and crystals to jumpstart healing at the cellular level with the body, mind, and spirit. Since then, I have added a full body sound table to the tools I have at my disposal. Experiencing the frequencies emitted by the sound table permeating every cell of my body is nothing short of extraordinary.

As I continue on my path of healing, my life has been filled with many physical, mental and emotional challenges but with these holistic methods I have been able to heal myself and create a life that is good and beautiful, one that is in service to others.

Susan’s Beautiful Healing Space and Tools

Photo of Susan's healing space.