Energy Clearing

Vibrational cleansing of your home or office space

When is the last time you cleaned your house? Did you also clear the energy? When you are stressed, physically ill, sad, or have experienced traumatic events, this energy remains in you if it is not cleared. The same happens with the energy in our homes. When you have this negative energy in your home, it can affect every aspect of life for both humans and pets. House clearing is an important part of well-being.

Our home should be our safe place, a place where we can relax and feel nurtured and comfortable. Our homes and vehicles are extensions of our energy. A house filled with positive energy feels fresh and vibrant — it’s full of life and we feel good being there.

Please contact me for more information about clearing and raising the vibrations of your house, office or your property.

Cost of service is dependent on size and location of space. This work can also be done as remote clearing.

If you would like to understand how energy works from a distance, please read “The Science Behind Distant Healing” By Bernadette Doran, BS, RMT