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SOUL PLANNING AND WALK-INS      Tuesday, April 30th @ 7:00 – 8:30 pm EST

Do you ever find yourself questioning why you’re here or struggling to navigate the challenges of life? Why does life seem so hard? I’m so sick of my life!  Do these thoughts ever occur to you? If so, let’s look into concepts of soul plans and agreements, uncovering the hidden threads that weave through the fabric of our lives. We’ll also examine why life often seems like an uphill battle and how our resistance to its flow can shape our experiences. There may be some answers that surprise you!

YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW“.  This statement encourages us to think about how much we still don’t know and the endless possibilities for discovery and growth. It invites us to embrace the unknown with curiosity and to remain open to the infinite potential for learning and understanding. Through thought-provoking discussions, you can gain fresh perspectives on your journey and discover tools to embrace life’s complexities with grace and resilience.

 Following the presentation, I welcome your questions and insights. Depending on the class size, we may be able to entertain questions throughout the presentation. However, in larger groups, we’ll reserve time at the end for questions. If we run out of time or if you have questions later on, feel free to email me, and I’ll be sure to respond.

This is an online, 1.5 hour class, and the cost is $30, per Zoom login.

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Our lymph system is a critical part of our immunity and well being.  In this workshop, Susan will share with you what she has learned about keeping our lymph healthy and how adding frequency with weighted tuning forks can penetrate deep into the tissues, stimulating lymphatic circulation. This can help to mobilize stagnant lymph fluid and waste removal from the body. The sound vibration of tuning forks can also deepen the mind-body connection providing a sense of inner peace and presence.

To promote active participation, a question and answer period question will also be provided where you can learn more and get a deeper understanding of how the process works and its effectiveness. If you already own a weighted tuning fork, please bring it with you to the session.

This is an online, 1.5 hour class, and the cost is $30, per Zoom login.

Date and time coming when available . . .

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Past Workshops

TUNING FORKS FUNDAMENTALS      Wednesday, March 27 @ 7:00 pm EST

Explore the fascinating world of tuning forks and their remarkable impact on your health and vitality with Susan Haller. Susan will teach you how the different types of tuning forks can be effectively used to restore balance within your body and biofield. Think of the biofield as an energetic counterpart to the physical body, representing the dynamic interplay of various energies within and around us. From clearing stagnant energies to refreshing your DNA, you’ll learn how they can clear and balance your physical and energy bodies. Susan will show you practical techniques to enhance your well-being and bring joy into your life.


Following the presentation, engage in a relaxed question and answer period to deepen your understanding and explore how tuning forks can complement your personal wellness routine. If you already own tuning forks, be sure to have them handy for a hands-on exploration of their potential. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how sound therapy can positively impact your physical and emotional health.

This is an online, 1.5 hour class, and the cost is $30, per Zoom login.

Photo of client receiving sound healing with tuning fork.